The owner of the utilization rights of Greenion, the MFSYS corporate group makes the use and development of the technology globally available, to facilitate its spread and diverse use in the reduction of CO2 emission. If someone intends to exploit the benefits of Greenion, it is possible to license and use the invention through MFSYS. In addition to licensing, MFYSYS provides its exploitation partners with the main technical documentation of Greenion. Moreover, if requested, engineering consulting services are available for the process of technical planning and adaptation. Members of the MFSys corporate group:

  • MFSYS Green Car Company Limited (exploitation rights in the automotive industry)
  • MFSYS Global Shipping Licence Management Company (exploitation rights in the shipping industry)
  • MFSYS Hungary Licence Management Company Limited (exploitation rights in Hungary, with the exception of the automotive industry)
  • MFSYS China Licence Management Company (exploitation rights in China)
  • MFSYS Switzerland Licence Management Company (exploitation rights in Switzerland)
  • MFSYS LLC (commercial rights in the US)
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