Meszaros Ferenc_GreenionFerenc Meszaros (Born in 1966.08.13.)

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– He worked in mushroom industry with eatable and medicinal mushrooms.

– Mycology expert who authored more sublimations of more cultivated ”species”, efficient industrial Bio production and technology.
– The most efficient technology for industrial production of Shiitake eatable and medicinal mushroom and its development is his merit.
– Inventions, patents, industrial, registered designs in this topic: 15

– Environmental developments
– Birth of invention for reduction of Carbon-dioxid emission

– 3 pieces of patent applications in this topic
– Preparing and testing of laboratory models
– Technology presentation to Porsche AG. Weissach (2008.09.15-16.)
– Providing a Porsche Cayanne S for the developments from the Courtesy production plant
– Completion of the first measurement reports and expertise
– Joining of Dr Ürge Vorsatz Diana, Piece Nobel-prize inventor, UN Climatologist as Consultant

– Introduction at Volkswagen Group, Audi factory (Gyõr)
– Advocacy: Porsche Hungary Kft.

– Submission of further development’s patent application
– Apply on the Competition Virgin Earth Challenge

– Foundation of MFSYS LLC.  San Francisco CA.
– With cooperation of Partner, Sokorai István
– Foundation of Greenion LTD.  Brighton UK.

– Foundation if prototypes for different industrial areas
– Lord William Astor sponsored the technical validity of the invention
– Foundation of our UK companies in London:

MFSYS Green Car License Management Company
MFSYS Global Shipping LTD.
MFSYS Hungary LTD.
MFSYS Switzerland LTD.

– “Procedure for reduction of Carbon-dioxide content of combustion products and atmosphere gases and devices suitable for the procedure”
– Win the patent in the USA
– Inventor received letter of thanks for his work from the Hungarian Prime Minister
– Shooting of the documentaries introducing the technology (Sponsoring Partner:
Korda Film studio Etyek)

– Foundation of international network and technology introducing demonstration center
– Foundation of as the World’s First trading platform for “intellectual products”

– Mach-Tech expo Budapest – the first public appearance
– Foundation of PublicStep Inc. in  Sacramento CA.
– Took a test tour within the framework of Greenion Europe Tour through 12 countries
– Introduction at Milano ”World Expo”
– Exhibiting the prototype for car industry at the professional co-exhibition of the World Expo in Venice
– The self-supporting Smog cleaner device for cities is ready for set-up

– MFSYS Climate Protection Solutions Program

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