Program of Solutions for Climate Protection – for green development of cleam cities and car brands

MFSYS advertises a campaign to share his lincense incomes earned from his patent of reducing Carbon- dioxide emission and support his developer progam with name Program of Solutions for Climate Protection.
Through the exclusive initiation for sharing Royalty anyone can get profit from the support offered by him/her for the city projects connecting to the MFSYS patent for reduction Carbon-dioxide emission and the announced car brands thanks to sharing lincense incomes.

The share of the license incomes between MFSYS group, the right holder and the partners supporting the developments is 50-50%, but valid only for the projects announced in the program with below details:

  • The partners’ 50% splits in proportion as their support amount.
  • The bottom limit is 5USD to take part in the campaign.
  • The maximum acceptable support is 1,5 million USD per the announced cities and / or car brands.
  • The announced campaign lasts until the support limit is collected for the announced cities / carbrands.
  • The prices and the given condition regarding the income share valid only for the starting period.
  • Any persons or companies have the opportunity to support more city or car brand developing projects in same time. In this case, they share from all supported project license income.
  • Both supporting the program and split the Royalty incomes willbe made voluntary – we cannot undertake guarantee their success.

Supporting opportunities
1. Financial support
The supporter can transfer his support to the account connected to the chosen city or car project after exploring the business rules and accepting the conditions.
2. Material support – Only for the members of VIP group

The below activities belongs to the Material support:

  • Engineering hours
  • Technical assisstance in the campaign
  • Doing services
  • Providing different tools
  • Representative care
  • Advertising, promotions
  • Social capital

The offered material support will get price according to common negotiating, so an amount or a share rate will connect to the supporting partner.

Following the supported projects
In case of public projects every announced city or car brand connects to a database that include the supporters name and the royalty share rate ( that means his share rate in the projects) and at sales -usage the item transaction and the lincence income amount.

Utilization and developing projects available in the campaign
– Public transportation, Buses equipped with Carbon-dioxide reducing system
– Cargo transportation, environmental development of working machines
– Prototype developing, induvidual production in cars
– Cruise transport, fluegas cleaning of ferries
– Changing vehicle fleet of politicians, top managers, taxi companies to green
– Improving of air quality in tunnels, undergrounds and stations
– Development and settling of “Smogcleaner” devices
– Air cleaning of parking garages
– Reducing of emission of High emission industrial units (factories) energy suppliers
– Cleaning of inside air, reducing Carbon-dioxide in Institues, hotels, business centers, high rise buildings and sport facilities (energy saving)

Possible license incomes available in the campaign
–We sell numbered cars equipped with the technology with ”exclusive” utilization rights for the given car brands
– selling of exlusive and non-exlusive rights for developing and production
– production and trade of devices
– Technology for transfer production facilities, small and big companies
– providing developing projects ”as facilities” ( eg.: 14 thousand of high emission companies in the EU Carbon-dioxide quota system)
– common utilization with city operators / city managments
– Selling of exlusive utilization rights to city operators
– selling of utilization right to financial investors, managment companies
– License sales to high emmision companies like Chemical , Cement, Energy industry, etc.

Supportable city projects available in the campaign
Hong kong
Los Angeles
New York

Supportable car brands announced and available in the campaign


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